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It’s no secret that Charleston has built quite a reputation as a great place to live. The city has been named a top travel destination, won accolades for city planning, and has become a major hub of both culture and industry. Beneath the reputation and fame, Charleston remains one of the most sought after places to live in the South Carolina lowcountry. With its range of housing options and an easy-to-love lifestyle, Charleston is just a good place to be. Explore our listings of luxury real estate in Charleston, SC, and learn more about the area below.

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History, Arts & Entertainment

With a colonial American history that reaches back to 1670, it comes as no surprise that Charleston is rich with history. Museums, historic sites, and yearly exhibitions alone make Charleston a unique place to live.

It is precisely this lengthy heritage which has given Charleston its unique flavor. A mix of architectural styles, culinary traditions, and cultural roots have been absorbed from several European and African influences. A stroll through the compact downtown area reveals a beautiful mix of cultural exchange.

Of course, it is difficult to separate Charleston from its ideal location of South Carolina’s famed coastline. World famous beach destinations like Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, and Folly Beach are just minutes away by car. Explore our site to learn more about living in these areas!

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For the house hunter, Charleston presents a full range of options including diverse neighborhoods, home styles, and locations. While historic construction and vintage charm can certainly be found in preserved abundance, modern construction and luxury real estate features are also prevalent.

No matter where you choose to live in Charleston, you’re sure to experience a wealth of culture and natural beauty that have made this city internationally known. Ready to experience unmatched Lowcountry living? Contact Jimmy Carroll today for assistance in finding and purchasing your new home.