Secrets To Sell Your Home For More Money

Every seller goes into the process with hopes for a quick and profitable sale. But a smooth and successful home sale does not happen by accident. It first requires working with a professional and experienced realtor who knows what current buyers are looking for. It also requires careful planning and a few proactive measures. In this post, we provide some ideas to help you sell your home for more money. For assistance selling a home in Isle of Palms, SC, contact Jimmy Carroll Realty today!

Understand The Market

When you work with a local realtor like Jimmy Carroll, you have access to their extensive network of motivated buyers. You also have someone on your side who knows the local market and can help you showcase your home in a way that appeals to a broader audience.

Part of understanding the market is first determining whether you’re in a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. You can sell your home in either, but the strategies will be different. A quick and profitable sale happens when you understand the competition, understand the mindset of the buyers, and the speed at which homes near you are appreciating.  Once you have a solid understanding of who your target audience is (or work with a realtor who does), you’re one step closer to selling your home for the asking price or more.

Pick The Right Time

If you have the luxury of a flexible schedule, it is important to be intentional about when you sell your home. Home values change with the seasons, as does the motivation of buyers. Spring and summer are the most popular times to sell your home, especially for waterfront property. But this is also the time when you will have the most competition.

The best way to get the most out of your home sale is to sell when you have the most equity in your home. If getting top dollar for your home is important, it may mean waiting until the time is right.

Price Fair From The Start

Sellers that set their asking price high tend to sit on the market longer than those who price competitively. They also usually end up having to offer a price reduction. A price reduction can serve as a red flag for buyers and make them think something is wrong with the home. A fair and competitive price up front will attract serious buyers and put you in the running with the local competition. Buyers often search for homes based on price, so having your home listed at a higher price than similar homes in your area may make it harder for qualified buyers to find it.

Develop A Clear Selling Strategy

This is the part that many sellers decide to leave up to their realtor. Deciding on a specific selling strategy will help you focus on key elements that buyers are most concerned with. Jimmy Carroll has a reputation for developing customized selling strategies based on the needs and wants of the seller, along with the expectations of the current buyers. Discussing things with your realtor like how you plan to advertise the home and whether or not you’ll do open houses will ensure you are both on the same page and working toward a quick and profitable sale.

Stage To Sell

Staging your home to sell is one of the best ways to attract qualified buyers. By staging your home, you are allowing potential buyers to see it as their home. This is a way to help buyers establish an emotional connection with the house, which generally will spur them to pay asking price. Some sellers are hesitant to stage their home, as they feel the home is perfect just as it is. But it’s important to keep in mind that staging is not about the seller—it’s about the buyer.

Make Necessary Upgrades

If your home needs to be updated, focus on the kitchens and the bathrooms. Recently remodeled kitchens and bathrooms are key in getting top dollar for your home. A contemporary bathroom or kitchen dramatically increases your home value and will help buyers justify the asking price for these coveted renovations.

Get Help Selling Your Home

Jimmy Carroll has extensive experience selling high-priced real estate to motivated buyers in Isle of Palms, SC. His in-depth knowledge of the local area combined with his vast buyer network and genuine love for the community makes him the expert you need on your side if you want to get more money for your home. Before you move forward in the selling process, contact Jimmy Carroll Realty today!