Local knowledge is everything in buying or selling beach property.

When buying beach property, there are so many variables on a barrier island.  One of the most important of which, where does one sections of a beach erode and which areas don’t?  Or, drainage problems, some areas flood on a regular basis and some don’t.  Traffic is another one, some roads are busy and some are tucked away in quiet neighborhoods.   Also, some neighborhoods are comprised mostly of rentals and some are composed of year round residents?  Jimmy Carroll is one of the few Realtors who actually grew up here and knows 99.9% of the answers and can give one the history of a property and of course, the history of the island.  With over 5,900 Realtors across the tri-county area, with everyone wanting to sell the higher end properties on the barrier island, however, but do they know these variables?  When one goes to their doctor for a heart problem, you wouldn’t go to your family doctor, but to a cardiologist, the same applies to selling beach property, one needs to go to one who specializes in just that area.  Jimmy Carroll specializes in just listing and selling the Isle of Palms.  Real estate is not a 2nd or 3rd career for Jimmy, but the profession he chose upon his graduation from the College of Charleston in 1978.  While in college, Jimmy graduated with a BA in Political Science with a pre law emphasis.  However, upon graduating, Jimmy entered real estate for the summer to give him something to do, and he is still doing what he loves best, selling the island lifestyle he grew up in.  One needs a real estate professional in making one of the largest investments in their life, so when doing so, go to one who specializes in just that, selling beach property.  Lastly, Jimmy is not there for just making a one time sale, one gains a friend whom they can always depend on for advice on just about anything.  If you have ever considered buying or selling on the Isle of Palms, call the island’s professional, or as some call Jimmy, a “walking talking encyclopedia” for the island.