Isle of Palms again earns Blue Wave certification!

Blue Wave certification: Beaches are America’s top tourist destinations, generating more that $640 billion a year to the national economy. A recent survey by the National Geographic Traveler and Yahoo found that cleanliness was the most important factor in picking which beach vacationers go to. Blue Wave is the first natural environmental certification for beaches. The Blue Wave certification process is designed to help maintain robust, healthy, and vibrant beaches. Applicants must submit their community, and or resort and their quality maintenance programs to see if they qualify.
Since 2002, the Isle of Palms has continuously earned the Blue Wave certification and is the only beach in South Carolina to hold such. To earn this, the community has to represent the complete eco-coastal experience. As such, we support Lifestyles of health and sustainability and have developed the following ethics to promote that lifestyle for beach visitors. The 7 Blue Wave Principle Ethics are: 1. Leave no trace, what you carry in, you carry out. 2) Move your body, walk, run, or swim. 3) Don’t tread on the dunes. 4) Know your limits, swim, boat, and surf safely. 5) You are what you eat, eat healthy seafood. 6) Feed your mind, read a book. & finally 7) Respect the ocean, watch for riptides, storms, and other natural causes.