Carroll Realty has donated more to East Cooper Habitat than any other real estate company since the year 2000!

When the laws changed in the year 2000, thereby allowing real estate companies to collect interest on their escrow accounts, which is really, monies sitting in a bank, waiting for closing or to be rented. Sometimes, these monies can be parked upwards of a year or more. In the year 2000, the Real Estate Licensing Review board decided that those monies could now be put into interest-bearing accounts, and used however a company sees fit, as long as it is agreed upon by the persons or companies that put this money up. As opposed to having another source of income, Carroll Realty Inc decided to help those who otherwise could not buy a home and teamed up with Habitat for Humanity whose philosophy is to give a person a hand up, not a hand out. Since the year 2000, Carroll Realty Inc. has given well over $100,000, more than enough to completely build 3 Habitat homes. While things are tough in real estate, and those monies could come in handy, we feel we have a moral obligation to help others. If all the other larger real estate companies would do the same, just think of the differences we could all make. If not dealing with Carroll Realty, as the company you are dealing with, how do you handle your escrow monies and who gets credit for the interest earned. Come on America, wake up, help others. Thanks and good luck, Jimmy Carroll