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7 Best Isle of Palms Bars

Isle of Palms is a beachside town loaded with nightlife that sings like a siren to fun-loving locals and tourists alike. During the day, happy hour is on, and people spend time at the beach, shopping local boutiques, and enjoying historic nearby Charleston. But when night falls, it’s the top bars in Isle of Palms […]

6 Best Isle of Palms Restaurants

South Carolina’s Lowcountry offers an exquisite array of dining options by local restaurants that provide: excellent service, delectable cuisine, inviting atmospheres, and a delightful all-around dining experience.

Why Work with a Buyer’s Agent?

Many home buyers attempt to figure out the market themselves or contact listing agents. Unfortunately for them, that’s not the best move. Working with a buyer’s agent is much better for your peace of mind and for getting results. In this article, we’ll highlight five great reasons for why you should work with a buyer’s […]

Tips for Buying a New Construction Home

Buying a newly constructed home differs in some respects from buying a home that’s been previously owned. Without a previous tenant or owner, there’s less of an emotional factor to the negotiations. By dealing directly with the builder, whether it’s a custom home or not, there’s likely to be a more straightforward process. Nonetheless, that […]

How to Choose a Neighborhood for Your Home Search

Buying a home is about so much more than simply the physical structure, its number of bedrooms and bathrooms, floors, square footage, etc. There’s another vital factor that must be kept in mind—to borrow the old realtor’s saying: location, location, location. A city is one thing, but within the same city you may have an […]